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Monday, August 18, 2008

Bounce wit me wit me wit me

In heaven there are natatoriums full of elephants bouncing on trampolines.

In other news, Leah and I went to our first Bengals game last night. We sat in the Kimberly Clark suite. Ate free food. Drank free drinks. Urinated in private urinals. It was pretty great. I am always shocked when I attend sporting events by the number of grown ups wearing jerseys. I have issue with this for some reason. Puberty seems like the logical cut off for jersey-wearing. The Bureau of Motor Vehicles should hand you a driver's license as you hand them your oversized, overpriced mesh tshirt. They'll donate them to kids stuck in hospitals. Somebody pass a law.

In other other news, 110words posted its first featured stories. There are many of you who I expect to join this experiment. Check it.


ylmurph said...

I think grown ups wearing jerseys just makes sense. How are they going to tell which players are on their team and they have to have numbers so the ref will know if they're an ineligible player downfield or ineligible receiver.

Unless you're talking about the fans wearing jerseys? That's just silly

Christopher Day said...

I, too, have a dislike of the adult jersey wearing. Okay, I flippin hate it! Don't get it. Don't understand it. Don't want to be associated with it. "Look at me, I'm not THAT guy, but I'm wearing the exact clothes THAT guy wears!" Huh?

My favorite are the guys that STILL wear the jerseys of the traded or retired players. During your next Bengal outing, play Bengal Jersey Scavenger Hunt. Your mission, find:
Akili Smith
Tim Krumrie
David Klingler
Kajana Carter
and the dreaded Carl Pickens

Micah said...

Not to be the Graham Mernatsi (say it out loud), but I think you want to make a change in the sentence about private urinals.

Specifically, the problem is with the number agreement, which implies something different than you probably meant.

John Arns said...

Good Micah "Graham Mernatsi" !

You know, there's an EXCELLENT reason for Brad to mention the private urinals: being able to pee at a sporting event without having 25 guys standing in line behind you hollering "c'mon man, hurry up. I gotta p***" because their bladders are overflowing with beer. Oh man, at the time seems NOTHING is worse than that ! I don't know for sure (never conducted a poll), but I think other guys can relate to freezing up when given the rush act: it just CAN'T be forced. Am I right ??

I think Brad might have been thinking so much about the luxury of having a personal privy that he didn't pay any mind to the number agreement.