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Friday, August 15, 2008

Love the Nati

Went for a bike ride last night (cardio) and brought my camera (art). So my cARTio excursion was healthy for the mind body and soul. (see what I did there?....eh?......eh?) Grrrr.

One of the numerous things I love about Cincinnati is that every neighborhood is different. In this particular 'hood you could grab a beer at Lefty's, buy a used car from a 40 ft. tall indian and admire the birthplace of high society's favorite spirit, Gilby's Gin, all within a couple blocks. Beat that, Disney World.


John Arns said...

I always loved the slogan on the tv and radio ads, "Where Paddock meets Vine at the Big Indian Sign!"

And that goes WAY back !

Anonymous said...

Hey,,I live in Hartwell..Did you ever see church circle with the three original antique neighborhood churches, down Parkway Ave.,,old victorian homes..one was built by the guy who designed "Music Hall'.
We live on a quiet circle with a huge swimming pool and a park like backyard..And yeah we love the Fair grounds,,White Castle,.And our Indian Friend..