"" bshawise: Hound Doggery

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hound Doggery

Bassets are like the lazy cousins of hound dogs right? They probably close their eyes and waggle back and forth to this song. "This is my jam, man" they say at family reunions. Their hound dog cousins get all self-righteous and racist. "You AIN'T a hound dog." The bassets correct them, "You ain't NOTHING BUT a hound dog." They both think the other is dumb but for different reasons. Meanwhile the dachshunds are hogging all the potato salad and Canada Dry. I've seen it a thousand times...


John Arns said...

Bassets sure can stink. My sister Darla's Basset had an obnoxious odor which she discovered was coming from the ears -- floppy and always extremely dirty inside. So once the source was found, those ears were irrigated frequently.

Poor Marabelle. So gentle and loving but soooo smelly.

John Arns said...

I mean MERREBELLE (as in merrybells - they got her at Christmas)