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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Together We Rise

So I found this song the other day.

My friend Craig and I are going to take said song and produce a video for this weekend at VCC that will be in the same style family as this Nike commercial. The idea (you'll need to listen to Rise in order for this sentence to make sense) is that if we believe in Redemption coming at us from another dimension then we'll rise together and fight injustice. The purpose of the video this weekend is to counteract the apathy that can result from the overwhelming injustice broadcast on the evening news which combines with a brand of inactive, blind faith that passes social responsibility to an omnipotent God. Ironic that faith in an all-powerful God can cause inaction when the all-power happens through our action.

If you have photos of people rising up send em my way. We'll toss em in the video.

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pete said...

brilliant idea. cant wait to see the video